Doula Services

Le Grá means “With Love” in Gaelic and we stick with that when joining on your journey to parenthood. We have designed different packages to meet the needs of each individual growing family.

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Birth Doula:

A Birth Doula is someone that helps guide you through the pregnancy and birth process. The provide education, options and comprehensive care from late pregnancy-birth-postpartum. During labor they assist with comfort measures, helping you achieve your goals as a birthing person and supporting changes to those goals if you decide a different plan is what’s needed. We also assist in partner support whether that be aiding them with comfort measures and how to better support you, switching off with them so they can take breaks as well or even help support the partner should things look like a different outcome. We walk with you through your birth no matter what that looks like.

Postpartum Doula:

A Postpartum Doula is skilled person that comes to your house after the birth and assists the family with the transition. We assist in feeding, education, setting up the nursery, giving the parents a break, meal prepping. Basically we are there to make sure you as the birthing person, are nourished, supported and have all your questions met so when it’s time to be on your own, you feel confident and rested and the family unit is stronger.